Important Home Considerations

The 6 Must-Have Features of Your Colorado Home


When it comes to finding your new Colorado home, it’s no longer just about location and square footage. While these are still important considerations, what’s inside is starting to count more and more for many buyers.


Pandemics have a history of reshaping the interior features of a home. For example, as a result of the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, powder rooms became a popular design feature, a place where people could quickly wash up before entering the home proper. What design features are becoming in demand due to the current pandemic? While each buyer has their own list of priority features, these are some of the better features to keep in mind while looking for your next new home.


Feature #1: A Beautifully Designed Kitchen

For most people the kitchen is still considered the heart of the home. A large, open space with an island containing additional seating. Stone countertops, granite is the obvious choice, offer durability and long-lasting appeal. Cabinets (gray is the hot color at the moment) that reach all the way to the ceiling will provide an upscale look and additional storage. And of course you need a walk-in pantry.


Feature #2: Smart Home Technology

Technology continues to make life simpler. Instead of cluttering up all of your electrical outlets with power cords, look for homes with USB outlets to create a common charging station for all of your electronic devices. For movie and music lovers, smart homes are wired for sound systems and home theater projectors. Wireless security systems and thermostats should also be a part of any smart home.


Feature #3: Outdoor Living Space

They don’t call Florida the “Sunshine State” without reason. Thanks to Florida’s wonderful climate outdoor living is a major part of the Florida lifestyle. Covered lanais with paved flooring, comfortable seating, an outdoor kitchen or drink station, and a large screen TV goes along way toward extending indoor living to the outside.


Feature #4: Dedicated Home Office

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way many of us work and play. We are all spending more time at home. The days of computer work stations situated on kitchen countertops are going by the wayside, especially for people who are now doing the majority of their work from home. A dedicated office space is needed, somewhere that you can get away from the noise and confusion of everyday life in the home.


Feature #5: Drop Zones

A “drop zone” or transition space from outdoors to indoors is now in demand. This is a space functions like a mudroom, where shoes, backpacks, grocery items, etc. can be brought in from the outside and sanitized before being brought further into the home.


Feature #6: Garages With Storage Space

As homeowners are seeking additional storage space they are adding this storage capability to their garages. Spending more time inside means that all those “things” that aren’t being used every day but that you still want to keep need somewhere to be stored. A garage can provide this space when it is set up properly and is easily accessible. All a garage needs is some shelving or peg board, better overhead lighting and additional electrical circuits and outlets.

content provided by Karl Kennedy